A New View of the MSL Curiosity Launch

10 May

Earlier this week, I was feeling nostalgic for my visit to the Kennedy Space Center last November. I was as a lucky member of the MSL Curiosity NASA Tweetup and got to watch the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory – NASA’s next Mars rover – in person.

While searching for video of the launch on YouTube (I do this every couple of months, so yes…I may have a problem) I came across a video I hadn’t previously seen. It was filmed from the NBC tower at the Launch Complex 39 Press Site and the first 30 seconds show a wide angle view of ..us space tweeps!

It was a bit surreal to see all of us – and then the launch – from this angle. After a bit of searching I was able to pick myself out of the crowd:

It’s a nice way to remind myself that no, I didn’t imagine all of this. I really “went to NASA” (as my friends like to say) and watched a rocket carrying a robot bound for Mars leave our planet.

Now please excuse my while I re-watch some launch videos…

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